Amanda for T3 Magazine

Amanda for T3 MagazineAmanda for T3 Magazine

T3 is a technology based magazine that focuses on all the latest news in the world of gadgets, gizmos and other tech.

It features tech news, gadget reviews, analysis, intelligent features and of course, a buying guide. Each issue features almost 500 products including tablets, smartphones, cameras, TVs, audio equipment, computers and consoles

Since the launch in 1996, the magazine quickly became popular among people interested in the latest, as well as future, technology and gadgets, since there was no other magazine offering that to readers.

It plays a key role in linking people with technology and how these technological developments can change their life. People adore this magazine for keeping them updated on the future tech, but in addition to this, they want to read about the ridiculously expensive and peculiar devices on the market.

In addition to technology reviews, the magazine covers many articles, news, and opinions. Overall – a magazine for design-conscious gadget-loving men.

Amanda for T3 Magazine

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